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Small Stage Forms or How To Go About It?

Aktualizováno: 27. 1. 2023

This text was first published in the journal Amatérská scéna (The Amateur Stage) in 1978 in serial form in a number of issues (Amatérská scéna, 15(6), issue no. 6, pp. 7–8; Amatérská scéna, 15(7), pp. 14–15; Amatérská scéna, 15(8), pp. 14–15) together with the coda “On Reading”. Vyskočil got the idea for writing a text on “small stage forms” from the magazine’s editor Pavel Bošek, who was also Vyskočil’s acting partner in their Nedivadlo (Non-theatre) productions. The original text has been abridged, with short passages referring to the cultural context of the time, not directly relevant to the subject matter, cut where indicated. Edited by Martina Musilová and Petr Jediný Novotný. The text was translated by Jakob Keller and edited by Mish Rais.

Original edition: Originally published in 1978 in the periodical Amatérská scéna, year 15, issue 6, p. 7–8; Amatérská scéna 1978, Year 15, Volume 7, page 14–15; Amatérská scéna 1978, Year 15, Volume 8, page 14–15.

Citation: Ivan Vyskočil. The “Small Stage Forms” or How To Go About It? [online]. Ústav pro výzkum a studium autorského herectví. 20. 12. 2021 [cit. ]. URL = <é-jevištní-formy-aneb-jak-na-to>.

The whole text in PDF can be downloaded here.

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