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Authorship is not a mere matter of artistic creation. It is a matter of approach to life. To one’s own existence. It is being responsible for the fact that I am.” 

Ivan Vyskočil

The Institute for Research into and Study of Authorial Acting was established in 2001 by Professor Ivan Vyskočil, the founder of the psychosomatic discipline Dialogical Acting with the Inner Partner. The mission of the Institute is research in the area of acting in general and its prerequisites, with an emphasis on the field of authorial acting, authorial and experimental creation, dramatic culture, play, psychosomatic foundations for public behaviour and pedagogy. The Institute focuses on publishing material of two kinds: up-to-date studies that broaden existing research and previous older texts written by Professor Ivan Vyskočil. The Institute is open to discussion between various fields, including in an international context, not only through the platform of this website.

The methodology of the Institute’s research activity is based on subjective approaches and experience in the field of public behaviour and performance, mostly in the discipline Dialogical Acting with the Inner Partner. Therefore, our publishing activities are on the one hand developed in the form of reflective and introspective writing, and, on the other hand, the research focuses on the objectivization of subjective experience and the exploration of objectivized methodologic approaches that follow the current criteria of peer-reviewed publications in the humanistic field. This broad scale of publishing possibilities forms the cornerstone of the research activities of the Institute, and therefore, we want to continue in their development in the future.

The Institute is an independent research facility of the Theatre Faculty at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

Assoc. Prof. Martina Musilová, PhD

Head of the Institute for Research into and Study of Authorial Acting 

November 2020

Contact details

Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague

Karlova 26

Praha 1, 116 65

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